The House that God Built

Final Cover House

I finally made the plunge and self-published my first book! The House that God Built is a satire based on a true story out of Oklahoma that calls into question the moral righteousness of many megachurches. The story examines the impact of, or lack thereof, the church on its surrounding community and congregants.

I’m super excited about wrapping this project up, especially because I was able to cover every step of the production process. I made my own book cover and even managed to format the interior to fit the printers at CreateSpace, which is who I went through for my publishing.

I worked as a project manager at a book publisher for quite a while before I started doing my own writing, and it’s still hard to believe that, in the two years since I’ve moved on from that job, that I have essentially learned all of the functions of the various jobs there. For anyone who is looking to turn their idea into a book, I would love to help walk you through the process. Although, it can be very tricky, if you have a keen ability with computer technology, and have experience with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or Illustrator, then you can definitely create your own literature without having to shell out tons of bucks!

For me, this is just the beginning of something very special. I now have the ability to create the stories that I know my friends want to here. I can create stories in an effective and timely manner, and keep my work current with the times.

So, here’s to learning new things! And don’t forget to pick up my new book for only $4.99!


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