Book Cover Design

kylee cover

Catching The Fever by Kylee Gwartney

This was a really cool project that I got to work on with my ‘ol lady. We actually met at a publishing company, so it’s kinda fitting that we’ve come full circle. We’re getting set to be wed in October, and I ended up revamping her novel’s cover last month, and it’s now out for print and available through Amazon. Her previous cover really didn’t stand out much. It was a design that she had had a friend of hers put together. She didn’t format or upload her first novel either, so she was really not involved in the design of the book, which I feel is one of the most important aspects when you’re making art for someone else. Her book was intended for a young audience, but it was hard for anyone to take it seriously with the cover that it had on it.

Kylee Previous

Initially, what jumped out to me most was how dark it was. The story is very funny and sweet, and the dark cover didn’t really reflect that. Also, the graphics on the old cover look very weak. The person who created this simply added shapes and font to a picture and added the color purple to the background. I wanted to make something that actually spoke of the author and the work that it was representing. I wanted to make a cover that would stand out and be very simple and easy for me to accomplish. And I definitely wanted to add more author information and a photo. I started doing some research on young adult book covers, when I ran across the cover of David Iserson’s Firecracker. The design for his book was simple and elegant, and I felt like I could reproduce that same feel with Kylee’s book.


This was the perfect feel for her book, which is the story of three young girls trying to woo an international recording superstar to perform a benefit concert on campus in order to raise funds to save their art school. The pop sensation is very akin to Justin Bieber, so I made some Bieber hair and threw in a gold chain for good measure. I found a really cool font for a few bucks, and voila! My first book cover.

Well, it wasn’t that easy. With books, you need an exact print size, which wasn’t too hard to get right, thanks to the downloadable .pdf templates that Createspace lets you download for free. Then it was just a matter of including the backmatter and author photo, and off it went to the printers!

KyleeBookCover6x9_BW_250  600


And now, it’s available on Amazon in paperback for $9.99 or on Kindle in digital download form for $2.99.


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