2014 Literally Literate FFL Playoff Preview


The quest for the belt is real, and after two seasons of playing fantasy, and despite losing my entire roster to either old age, uselessness, or child abuse charges, I’ve managed to squeak my way into the fantasy football playoffs.

That’s right. Despite my draft having been made up of players I no longer use like Adrian Peterson, Reggie Wayne, Jordan Cameron, Keenan Allen, Adrian Peterson’s replacement Jerrick McKinnon, Vincent Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Zac Stacy, I’ve managed my squad to an 8-5 record overall and an average score of 96, just 4 points off of my goal.

2014 final standings

I won my division, which puts me in the most decent of possible matchups this week in the number 2 slot, playing Knile You Were Sleeping, who’s team has cooled off a bit as of late.

2014 playoff round 1

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been scrambling the whole season, and my lineup reflects that, but I’ve managed to still field a solid team for the stretch run:

2014 playoff match 1

On the other side of the playoff bracket, the two powerhouses in the Literally Literate League, Megatron and Crawptimus Prime is taking on the Blair Walsh Project. Honestly, I’m just glad these two are battling it out this week, because they have been the two highest scoring squads this year:

2014 playoff match 2

Even as the 2-seed, I’m probably more like the fourth best team in the playoffs, so I’m hoping I can have a little bit of magic the next few weeks. Hell, maybe even Denard Robinson will wake up from his daze and have a great game. I HOPE!!! Anyway, this is going to be terribly exciting, and I can’t wait for the games to start. I’m about to start my pregame routine of coffee and Fantasy Football Now, a show that has been known to drive girlfriends insane on Sunday mornings.

Good luck this week!!!


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