Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 9 resultsYour boy pulled off another victory and is now 5-4, but these dang bye weeks are threatening to ruin my run to the playoffs!

In week 9, I was able to scrape together a win thanks in large part to the Colts destroying the Giants, but with the Colts on bye next week, my roster is going to be really screwed up. Nevertheless, I’m leading my division, which isn’t really saying much in fact.

Week 10 standingsBut I think, given the blows my roster has taken, I’ve been doing the best I possibly could. Adrian Peterson, Zac Stacy, Keenan Allen, Vincent Jackson, and Jordan Cameron have all been major busts for me, so I’ve had to ditch most of them for players who can actually produce. It’s gonna be a rough week, especially since I haven’t been able to pick a WR who can score in weeks. Check out the roster for week 10:

Week 10 roster

I’m still in the hunt, though, and if I can get lucky, who knows what will happen. FOr the meantime, I’ll just enjoy my ranking while it lasts. This is another week with endless decimals at the power ranking spots, so the graphic doesn’t really help much. But no surprise here, as Megatron is once again the heavy favorite for this week.

Week 10 Ranks

Week 10 Power Rankings

1) Megatron and Crawptimus Prime 149.31

2) The Blair Walsh Project 140.48

3) Knile You were Sleeping 136.48

4) I Pitta the Fool 110.82

5) Trophy Wife 110.08

6) Ertz, Donut? 106.97

7) Team Reese 101.31

8) The Fellowship of Samwise 94.2

9) Rafi Bomb! 85.24

10) Overreaction Guy  77.51


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