Week 6 Power Rankings




In week 4 I suffered a huge loss but still won my fantasy matchup. Week 5 I won as well. You just can’t ever give up.

My dear Aunt Kay passed away last week after losing her battle with cancer. I wrote an article almost a year ago about how real life tragedy can put into focus how fantasy sports is really just a fun game my old office buddies and I use as a means to stay together as a group. So I decided to take a week off from the blog and spend some quality time with family. Aunt Kay’s funeral was very nice, and the preacher leading the service was excellent in capturing the fun, sweet spirit that Kay possessed. It was good to see the fam, and I know Kay’s legacy will live on long beyond her lifetime.


My family also through a fundraising event for my little sister Tia, who is on the national kidney transplant list. We are working with an organization called Children’s Organ Transplant Association to help raise funds and awareness for Tia and other’s like her. We set up a tent at the annual Yukon Czech Fest in Yukon, OK and sold hats, bags, wrist bands, and t-shirts for COTA. We ended up raising over $500, and of course, if you would like to learn more about the charity or to donate, you can visit http://www.COTAforTeamTiaW.com.

In the fantasy football realm, I’ve won my last two matchups:

2014 week 4 results

2014 week 5 results

I barely pulled off a victory last week, and I have Drew Brees on bye, and I’ll be starting Brian Quick for the first time. Below are the Week 6 Power Rankings. Still pretty early in the season, but the top and bottom ends of the spectrum seem to be separating themselves from the pack in the middle.

Week 6 power rankings

Literally Literate Week 6 Power Rankings

1. The Blair Walsh Project 134

2. Knile You Were Sleeping 132

3. Megatron and Crawptimus Prime 125

4. Team Reese 115

5. Trophy Wife 112

6. I Pitta the Fool 111

7. Ertz, Donut? 110

8. The Fellowship of Samwise 101

9. Rafi Bomb! 88

10. Overreaction Guy 68

Week 6 Matchups

2014 week 6 preview


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