Tuesday Morning Relief: The Curse of Stevie Johnson

U mad, bro?
U mad, bro?

Well, I should’ve known. Just as I’ve said time and time again, I hate Stevie Johnson. Oh, how I loathe that man. Every time I seem to have any confidence in him, he screws me. Of course, I, so starstruck and naive in the wisdoms of fantasy sport, would start Johnson over Darren Sproles the week he scores 28 fantasy points.


I can’t be too mad. Trophy Wife woulda beat me anyway, but I definitely coulda improved my point total with the help of Sproles. For his part, Johnson kept together his streak of consecutive games with a catch, by grabbing one of six targets for a loss of a yard.


How is he always in this pose?
How is he always in this pose?

Yeah, I was not impressed. But that’s what I get for being cutesy this early in the fantasy season.

I told myself no big moves for the first four weeks, and look what happens to me week four. I just couldn’t be patient for one more week.

Back to the bench with you, Stevie Johnson!

Here’s how this week’s games turned out–lot’s of teams are at 2-2 right now. Power Rankings tomorrow:

wk 4 result 1

wk 4 result 2

wk 4 result 3

wk 4 result 4

wk 4 result 5


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