How Do You Say Good-bye? by Glen Clark


You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Cayla Mills

They say you never get over the death of your child. They’re right. It’s been almost nine years since my son died, and I still miss him every day. It’s difficult sometimes to think about how so much time has passed since that terrible day in 2002. Even now, there are still tears from certain events that trigger strong memories.

Losing a child is equivalent to losing a piece of yourself. It’s a piece you feel as a physical loss, even when the tears are gone and the pain has subsided to intermittence.

This book is about the journey from the crushing pain of losing a child to the triumph of self-forgiveness and healing, only to be reminded of that painful loss once again in a very unexpected way.

You really never do get over the death of a child. You simply learn to live with it. As unbelievable as it seems at the time, it does get easier as time goes by. But as you’ll see, it never disappears.

Available on Amazon.


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