180 Degree Turnaround by Lawrence Neisent


Can a homeless meth addict change or even become a pastor? Can a Christian murderer change or even become a Christian leader? Change is easier than you might think. The key to change is to understand how change is a process and not an event. Seeds are to forests what thoughts are to culture. Changing the culture of your life is like steering a ship. At first it appears that not much is going on. Steadily, over time, there begins to be a noticeable change in scenery. So many people live so far below what God has planned for their lives because they simply do not understand the process of change. Do you? If not, then you will find a wealth of knowledge in Lawrence Neisent’s 180-Degree Turnaround. You may not believe it, but with Neisent’s help, you can go from merely existing to truly living!

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