Seeing through the Eyes of Heaven by Gordon Van Namee

Eyes of Heaven

The dimension of the soul is infinite. As I dwelt there for such a long season of time I experienced its vastness. This can confound the human mind. How is it possible for infinity to exist within what is finite? Yet, it is true. Though the soul is open and expansive in nature there are domains. The individual spirit has with it a form of its nature, which is close and knownFrom the presence of that individual spirit, in its own known nature, it is open to the presence of the forces of Heaven and of the lower realm. It is here where the will of the individual functions actively and encounters the living and assisting grace of Jesus. In Seeing Through the Eyes of Heaven: An Encounter with God, author Gordon Van Namee shares his journey in the presence of God that took place over a period of many years. Eclipsed in this experience, he brings forth fresh understandings of the normalcy of being in the presence of God. He shares the teachings that he received from God along with revelations that should speak into the heart of every person who longs for a life of completeness and abundance. He is clear to point out that this writing is a gift from God and it is his purpose to convey the teachings and life meaning of such a journey. Van Namee wrote Seeing Through the Eyes of Heaven: An Encounter with God ultimately to encourage you, the reader, to experience the wonder of Gods presence with you in this place, and he concludes the writing with practical ways that will enhance you in that experience.

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