A Difficult Passage by Glenn Lafferty

Difficult Passage

Theres nothing good about a divorce. It is one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. Whats worse is that if one is a Christian and divorced, what he or she often finds is that the institution meant to heal the brokenhearted (the church) often sounds more like an adversary rather than an advocate. Too often they are intentionally re-classified as second-class Christians. Why is this so? Should this be so? A Difficult Passage is a call to rethink, in Biblical and compassionate terms, the traditional, conservative views of divorce and remarriage. Readers will navigate their way through difficult questions such as: What was Gods original intent when He designed marriage? What role did history and culture play in shaping modern opinion and doctrine? Once a person is married, can they ever be considered unmarried in the eyes of God? Did God make provision for divorce as a corrective measure to insure justice for the innocent? Once divorced, can a person ever remarry? Does remarriage constitute perpetual sin? From where did the modern church get its marital views?

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