The Gifted by Anna Kathryn Davis

the gifted

“Sometimes things happen that can’t be explained. I am one of those things. I’m not exactly human; I’m evolved into something else, but what that is I don’t know. My parents were human, but they’re long gone now…a trend that everyone in my life seems to have followed. I am nothing like you know. My beginning is not unlike yours, though my end is another story.” Haunted by nightmares living deep within her past, Rose Hawthorne is anything but perfect, at least on the inside. Outside, her appearance tells a very different story. She is so beautiful that the mere sight of her face makes normal men mad. She is lethal too, just like all her friends. Five teenagers with superhuman powers should be dangerous, though. They are the only ones standing between the human race and an Infestation of mass proportions. Sometimes, when the world sets you apart, the only way to save it is to come together. This is their story. They are the Gifted.

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